Prepare for Your Next Visit to Your Cardiologist

Whether you are going to the cardiologist for the first visit or a routine checkup it is important to know what to prepare for the next trip. After all, knowing what to prepare for will make it easier for you to get the care you require from your cardiologist and make it a easier route for better heart health.

Here are some things to consider before your next visit to our office:

Your Current Medications

Make a complete list of all medications you are taking currently, including name, dosage and frequency. This is important information to be considered for your cardiologist, especially when coming up with a treatment plan. You should also make a list of all and any allergies you may have. Don’t just consider that you will have all this information before hand. Jotting down all these will help in making the process a lot more easier especially before an appointment.

Your Doctors

It is never a bad idea to have all the names of your health care providers listed down before your visit. It is important to jot down the doctors name, the condition you are visiting for and any contact information if any. We may need to contact your doctors to discuss your current conditions, medications and treatments. This will help your cardiologist to come up with a more thorough treatment plan.

Your Medical History

This one is extremely important, as the doctor needs to know about any preexisting conditions. This includes any surgeries and major tests and procedures done in the last year. Knowing your health history, we can help make a proper diagnosis and also determine the best course of action for treating your condition.

Family History

Just like your medical history is important, so is the family history. From siblings and parents to uncles and children, we particularly need to know if you have a family history of heart diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. Knowing the health issues and illnesses of family members can help us monitor your health and prescribe preventive measures.

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